Verde Limone is the brand that Italynnova S.r.l. has dedicated to the sale of its best equipment for food preparation.

Verde Limone, because this color, despite being well defined, nevertheless represents a vast palette-range of colors that each of us imagines in his own way, and something similar happens with food preparation. This is also what happens in the kitchen, where each of us interprets a recipe in his own way and uses the ingredients and his own equipment in his own way to create his dishes.

Our products help precisely in this: they allow the cook, be him a professional or a cooking enthusiast or a lover of good food, to obtain the desired result with maximum freedom of use and with clear and immediately understandable functions.

Our 30+ years of experience in the design of kitchen equipment, the continuous collaboration with professional chefs, and the passion for good food that unites us, have allowed us to develop the Verde Limone equipment which, in addition to being great cooking tools, offer functionality and performance, innovative compared to what is available on the market, and at an affordable cost for everyone.

But we don’t stop there, with our experience and our vision on what happens in the global catering sector, we anticipate some trends and if we identify new solutions somewhere around the globe that make food preparation processes more effective and pleasant, we make it available also to our customers these new products.