Advantages compared to traditional blenders or low speed extractors:

  • Foods treated with Juicy are blended more evenly;
  • They retain all the properties of the food, including fibers;
  • No air is inserted into the mixture during blending;
  • Not being in contact with oxygen, blended food is not oxidized;
  • The colors of the smoothie remain vibrant and the flavors enhanced;
  • In this way, you will obtain juices and sauces of consistency and uniformity never seen before.

Ultimately, Juicy is the best tool for making perfect decorations for your dishes and sauces with bright color and full flavor.


SauceVide, is a blender equipped with a vacuum pump that, by creating a vacuum in the jug before starting to blend, allows you to obtain perfect juices and sauces, chopped much more than with traditional blenders or mini primers, very homogeneous, without air bubbles inside. Furthermore, by extracting the oxygen, the blended food does not undergo oxidation, thus leaving the colors, flavors and organoleptic properties of the raw material unaltered. Finally, thanks to the availability of a jug for blending and one for preserving, vacuum blended foods can be consumed even after hours, always remaining fresh and tasty.

Supply voltage 230VAC - 50Hz
Max Power 900W
Max speed 18.000 rpm
Contents of the jug 1,5 liters
Jug material Glass
Storage jug content 1 liter
Storage jug material Tritan
Dimensions 52x30x34cm
Weight 6 kg
  The dimensions and technical features are only indicative and could undergo changes