Food preparation is not just cooking, it means transforming the ingredients, making them healthier, more pleasant, nutritious, and tasty. This is Verde Limone!


It is an innovative machine for the treatment of food with ultrasound. It allows faster preparations and can operate at lower temperatures than low-temperature cooking typical of sous-vide cuisine but the versatility of Sonicager makes it suitable to be used as an excellent cooking tank at low temperatures.

Sonicager implements a tenderness of the meat that until now was only reachable with the long process of maturation, thus allowing a huge saving of time – hours compared to weeks – of space for storage and energy costs for storage.

All the senses benefit, the colors of the food become more vivid, the aromas are exalted, the flavors become strong with consistency and perfect homogenization.


The probe in bag

TheProbe is the wireless temperature probe that permanently eliminates the long and bulky cables in use in traditional probes. There is no longer the need to drill through the bag at the risk of liquid leakage or the loss of vacuum in the bag.

TheProbe is suitable to be inserted into food and these can be conveniently placed in bags and placed under vacuum.

It resists heat and cold and allows you to constantly monitor the temperature of your food at any time of their preparation, from cooking, to felling and to the application before serving on the table, ensuring food is always perfectly cooked and controlled.