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  • SonicAger

    Advantages compared to traditional cooking:

    • Foods treated with ultrasound become softer, tastier and more nutritious
    • Food processing temperatures are lower
    • Low temperature cooking times are also shorter
    • Increased yield of the raw material
    • Extremely short aging times
    • Fast rotation of the food stock
    • Saving of storage spaces
    • Saving of energy costs

    Ultimately: very satisfied customers and higher profits for your restaurant.

  • TheProbe

    Advantages of TheProbe compared to other probes on the market

    • It can be inserted into the cooking bag without the need to pierce it;
    • Up to 10 different bags can be monitored at the same time;
    • It can be used both for sous-vide cooking and in the blast chiller;
    • It is completely sealed to prevent any food contamination;
    • No cables are needed to connect it;
    • Bluetooth connectivity;
    • iOs and Android Apps;
    • Very long battery life.

    Insert a probe in each vacuum bag and serve food cooked perfectly to suite to the different tastes of your customers!