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  • SonicAger

    Advantages compared to traditional cooking:

    • Foods treated with ultrasound become softer, tastier and more nutritious
    • Food processing temperatures are lower
    • Low temperature cooking times are also shorter
    • Increased yield of the raw material
    • Extremely short aging times
    • Fast rotation of the food stock
    • Saving of storage spaces
    • Saving of energy costs

    Ultimately: very satisfied customers and higher profits for your restaurant.

  • TheProbe

    Advantages of TheProbe compared to other probes on the market

    • It can be inserted into the cooking bag without the need to pierce it;
    • Up to 10 different bags can be monitored at the same time;
    • It can be used both for sous-vide cooking and in the blast chiller;
    • It is completely sealed to prevent any food contamination;
    • No cables are needed to connect it;
    • Bluetooth connectivity;
    • iOs and Android Apps;
    • Very long battery life.

    Insert a probe in each vacuum bag and serve food cooked perfectly to suite to the different tastes of your customers!

  • SauceVide

    Advantages compared to traditional blenders or low speed extractors:

    • Foods treated with Juicy are blended more evenly;
    • They retain all the properties of the food, including fibers;
    • No air is inserted into the mixture during blending;
    • Not being in contact with oxygen, blended food is not oxidized;
    • The colors of the smoothie remain vibrant and the flavors enhanced;
    • In this way, you will obtain juices and sauces of consistency and uniformity never seen before.

    Ultimately, Juicy is the best tool for making perfect decorations for your dishes and sauces with bright color and full flavor.