Advantages of TheProbe compared to other probes on the market

  • It can be inserted into the cooking bag without the need to pierce it;
  • Up to 10 different bags can be monitored at the same time;
  • It can be used both for sous-vide cooking and in the blast chiller;
  • It is completely sealed to prevent any food contamination;
  • No cables are needed to connect it;
  • Bluetooth connectivity;
  • iOs and Android Apps;
  • Very long battery life.

Insert a probe in each vacuum bag and serve food cooked perfectly to suite to the different tastes of your customers!


It is the first truly wireless temperature probe for professional use, developed specifically for low-temperature cooking and vacuum-packed food storage.
The kit consists of 1 to 10 wireless probes, a probe holder and a gateway that collects the temperatures from the probes and transmits them to your smartphone.
TheProbe is designed to be used in metal tubs and pots full of water and in refrigerators: it can withstand the very low pressures of the most performing professional vacuum packaging machines (testedup to 2mBar) and is used at all temperatures to which the processed vacuum packed foods are subjected, from the preparation phase, to cooking, to blast chilling, up to regeneration for serving, without ever having to be removed from the bag.

The Probe has a very long-lasting battery, so as to avoid recharges (it lasts over 2 years with the probe always active). and it is possible to further increase this duration by placing The Probe in its appropriate holder by doing so you are always ready to start a new recipe, without having to wait long recharging times of the common batteries.

Temperature range -35°C +95°C
Accuracy ±0.5°C*
Dimensions 136x22x15mm
Battery Life >2 years
Radio distance between probe and router 0,5 - 5m **
Radio distance between router and smartphone Standard for Bluetooth
Stem material Aisi 304
Case material Food-grade plastic
   The dimensions and technical features are only indicative and could undergo changes.    *Guaranteed by the integrated temperature sensor TI® LMT70A         **Depending on the materials where it is inserted