Advantages compared to traditional cooking:

  • Foods treated with ultrasound become softer, tastier and more nutritious
  • Food processing temperatures are lower
  • Low temperature cooking times are also shorter
  • Increased yield of the raw material
  • Extremely short aging times
  • Fast rotation of the food stock
  • Saving of storage spaces
  • Saving of energy costs

Ultimately: very satisfied customers and higher profits for your restaurant.


SonicAger, is the result of a long experience in the design of professional kitchen appliances and combines the technology of food preparation with ultrasounds to the low temperature cooking sous-vide. SonicAger can be used in different configurations: with ultrasounds only at two power levels, or with only the heater or in 5 different or mixed combinations, so as to allow you maximum freedom of use. Furthermore, it has 2 important functions to safeguard your precious foods in preparation: 1) restart from black-out, or in the event of a power failure, the machine resumes treatment from where it was interrupted, also warning you of the incident, and 2) maintaining the food temperature at the end of the cycle: in this case, once finished the cooking cycle, if the food has been treated at temperatures above 55 °C (for example 64 °C), the cooking bath is not allowed to drop below 55 °C in order to maintain the healthiness of the food. The good thermal insulation of the cooking tank also allows notable energy savings and in case of temporary power failures slows down the cooling of the cooking bath and the food being treated inside.

Voltage 220 - 240 Vac ; 50Hz
Power 2.100W
  - of which 3 heaters 1.500W
  - of which ultrasonic transducers 360 + 240W
Programs 10
Temperature range °C ; °F 0°C - 95°C ; 32°F - 203°F
Temperature precision at 131°F ± 0,3 °C ; ± 0,5°F
Cooking times 0 - 72 h
Delayed start 24 h
Operation °C ; °F Yes
Offset to control the temperature Yes
Alarm for cooking temperature reached the level Yes
Restart from blackout Yes
Maintain temperature at end of the cycle Yes
Housing Stainless steel
Weight 18 kg
Contents of the Gastronorm tub 1/1 h200 22 liters
Appliance dimensions 360x560x380h mm
Packaging dimensions 400x700x400h mm

The dimensions and technical characteristics are only indicative and could undergo changes.