De’ GustiAmo Restaurant – Chef Mario Rossi

The restaurant De’ Gustiamo is known for its fish specialties, but even meat lovers will be able to find there dishes that will surprise them.

Chef Mario and his staff can pamper you and amaze you with dishes that stimulate all your senses, from appetizers to desserts.

And just to give new sensations to the palates of its customers, chef Mario has chosen to use Sonicager in his kitchen, because with this new tool for the treatment of foods, manages to get textures, scents, colors and flavors never before tried.

The chef said:

With Sonicager it was love at the first taste; we tested it with a calf head first treated with ultrasound, then proceed with a cooking at low temperature. Well the result was amazing: a texture never obtained before, bright colors, a full flavor and a bite texture exceptional: almost crispy but at the same time very tender. We first made an appetizer, serving it with sliced celery, oil, salt and pepper. We then cut it into cubes, which were added at the end of cooking in a risotto with Granny Smith apple. Finally, we also served it as a second serving with a slice, first sautéed on clarified butter, on a bed of cauliflower. A success.

Chef Mario Rossi

In this period of lockdown the chef is taking the opportunity to try new recipes and also to review, in decrease, the times and temperatures of cooking at low temperature of foods treated with Sonicager. In fact, Sonicager, thanks to the energetic action of ultrasound, in addition to soften food even at low temperatures, promotes the penetration of heat into food making you save time and energy costs.

For more information:
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