Italian Cuisine Championship, Rimini February 2020

Chef Manuel De Pasquale has always been dedicated to the research of new techniques of food preparation aimed at respecting and enhancing the raw material and it is in this research that he has also considered ultrasound, knowing Sonicager.

Since the first tests with ultrasound, he was able to verify and appreciate the excellent results on treated foods: brighter colors, more decisive and exciting flavors, consistency and perfect homogenization.

Gold by now I was sure that this product would revolutionize the way of cooking and to test its enormous potential, I decided to use it at the 2020 Italian Cuisine Championships. The dish, which included a main course, was designed to take advantage of the great ability to shorten the times of the standard preparation, giving results perhaps never seen before with this system.

I decided to use the goose breast, an ingredient whose cooking would have been very difficult with traditional methods so much so that, at the start of the race, all the judges predicted an absolute disaster given the time available. I had in fact brought the goose as a main ingredient and knowing its long cooking in low temperature and having only 50 minutes to prepare two equal dishes, respecting all the criteria to be judged, There was a certainty that I would never complete the test.

Sonicager, however, did his job impeccably, the colors of the vegetables and the meat of my dish were lit, standing out on the other dishes in competition prepared with techniques now standardized. The cooking of the goose breast was perfect, pink at the right point and its intoxicating scents.

At the first taste of the judges it was enough to look at their surprise and incredulous expression, but satisfied, to understand that I had hit the target: they defined my dish extraordinary in the flavor that brought back a childhood memory.

Many of them at the end of the race have stopped with me to understand what could be done with this system, I replied that can be cooked everything that has been done so far, with the added advantage of getting dishes always perfect, halving the processing time”.

All this thanks to the ultrasound of Sonicager” and the skill and courage of the chef in experimenting with new techniques, we add.

Chef Manuel has thus succeeded in winning the gold medal senior category K1- Hot Cuisine Main Course Italian Cuisine 2020 Championships organized and sponsored by the FIC .

He adds: “Today I can say that Sonicager is an indispensable help in my kitchen, that I would never do without, because it allows me innovative preparations with any food, meat, fish and vegetables and fruit, in an extraordinary way.

Once you taste dishes cooked with ultrasound of Sonicager you can not easily give up.

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